Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long does a Mr. Natural’s™ Reusable Hemp Coffee Filter and/or Tea Bag usually last?

A: Anywhere from 5-7 years or more, according to our customers and our own experience. People usually find they have to replace a filter or tea bag only when a house guest has accidentally thrown it away!

People generally like to buy two or three at a time and rotate them, increasing the lifetime of our products.

Q: How do I wash my Mr. Natural’s™ Reusable Hemp Filter and/or Tea Bag?

A: Simply empty, rinse under faucet, wash with mild dish soap, and let dry. May also throw in dishwasher or washing machine. They are very durable!

Q: Which sizes are available?

A: We carry all standard cone sizes: #2 (small), #4 (medium), #6 (large). We also have a #5 for basket style coffee makers.

Our tea bags may be used for single cups or a full pot.

Often times, people use the tea bags as spice bags for soups, stews, and mulled wine or cider.  They also are used for bath and bedroom sachets.

Q: How do I wash my other Mr. Natural’s™ housewares (napkins, blankets, place mats & shopping bags)?

A: Machine wash with warm water on gentle cycle and dry on low heat.